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Different Medical Aids in South Africa

To find an affordable medical aid in South Africa that will suit your health care needs the best, needn’t be a difficult task.  At first when searching the internet for medical aids in South Africa can be overwhelming due to the many options because there are about 97 medical schemes registered in South Africa with the Council of Medial Schemes, totalling more than 84 million beneficiaries! With the many options available it is not at all difficult to choose which medical aid to take as each policy has benefits and options for different types of client needs.

Medical Aids in South AfricaMost medical aids in South Africa are restricted and only about a third of all medical schemes are open to the public.  Restricted medical aids are schemes for an employee working for a specific company, industry or employer which only employees can belong to.  The open medical aids have various options for members of the general public.

When you consider joining a medical aid you will need professional advice from a person understanding your personal needs and health care requirements which will assist you taking out medical aid that will cover you and your family members. This will include the chronic illness cover or maternity cover, hospital cover and cover for emergencies, operations and specialized treatments.

Options to consider include your budget and how much you will have available each month for a medical aid schemes because finance is our biggest consideration in today’s economic climate in South Africa.   The most expensive premium does not necessarily give you the best coverage and so will the cheapest premium not necessarily give you all the coverage you’ll need.  Having a professional consultant giving you a quote for medical aid will save you time and money as this person has knowledge of all medical aids in South Africa and their pro’s and con’s. This will ensure your money is well spent and you have a medical aid to cover you when you need it most.

Also consider taking options for eg.  chronic illness cover although you do not have any chronic illnesses, this is something that can happen to you at any time even when still young.  We hear regularly of young adults having heart attacks at a young age or becoming hypertensive of a diabetic.  Do not wait for an illness to strike before having the option on your medical aid because this will cause extra expenses which you will have to use your savings for.  It is best to be covered and not only will you have peace of mind but when disease strikes you know you will be covered and this new illness will not leave a financial burden upon you.

Difference between Hospital Plans and Medical Aids in South Africa

Remember when having a hospital plan you will be covered for in hospital expenses and not for out of hospital expenses, make sure you have cash available if this is the option you choose.   When joining a medical aid you pay a monthly premium and will be covered for both in and out of hospital expenses.  This includes seeing a medical doctor for illnesses, costs covered when involved in an accident and you need emergency medical care and hospitalization and also daily medication will be covered.

Go and get your quotes online now to find the best medical aids in South Africa that will suit all of your personal needs!